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When was the last time you have done something for yourself? Therapy is a great starting point on doing something that will benefit you.  Individual therapy will not only allow you the opportunity to face pain, challenges, and uncertainties, but it is also ideal during times of transition when you simply need some extra support and perspective.  You owe it to yourself to take time for focus and reflection.  

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We live in a time in which the idea of family is more diverse than it has ever been.  Healthy families of all combinations need communication, acceptance and affection, strong coping skills, and commitment to help each other to navigate life's ups and downs.  Sometimes the challenges of life get in the way of creating the healthy relationships we want to affirm and support each other.  When that happens, know that as your therapist, I will be non-judgmental and inclusive of all family structures. 

Family with Tablet

Relationships can be wonderful and fulfilling, but they are never without their complications.  In this moment, you may be feeling hurt, disconnected, or stuck.  That's okay. Going to therapy as a couple can be a source of hope for your relationship.  It can be a way to make real, lasting change that increases intimacy and connection between you both.  

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"You are not BROKEN, you are BREAKING THROUGH"
-Alex Myles
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