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Bridget Butts, LCSW-C, SAP

Therapy, it is a place to feel known and understood.  It is also a place to overcome painful experiences.  I am committed to working attentively and gently with your life story and issues, while understanding the beauty and the brokenness in your unique story.  Whether you are struggling with short-term or lifelong challenges, we will find ways to address them.  Each of us deserves to know what it feels like to be supported during life's challenges, and that is what I am offering to you. 

I am genuinely passionate about the care that I provide to my clients.  I like to explore matters holistically, creatively, and uniquely to your needs, as therapy is not a "one size fits all" model.  Together we will work to gain a better understanding of yourself and your relationships.  We build on your strengths so that you can learn to apply them toward healing, growth, and change.  


It is likely that you and I will work well together, as I will ensure that you feel valued and heard.  I have years of experience working with youth, adults, families, and couples surrounding various mental health issues, peer and familial interactions, substance abuse, and domestic violence. 


As we embark on this life-changing experience, it is important to remember that change is a journey, not a destination.  


I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker who attended Western Senior High School.  I attended Coppin State University and graduated in 2006 with my Bachelor of Social Work.  Continuing my dream of becoming a therapist in the mental health field, I attended University of Maryland School of Social Work and received my Master of Social Work degree in 2007.  I am also a Board Approve Supervisor with Maryland State Board of Social Work.  

Areas of Expertise: 
Stress Management 
Coping Techniques
Problem-Solving Skills 
Behavior Management
Improving Relationships
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